Fun Coloring Pages When It’s Cold Outside

Coloring Pages

It could be fall or winter. Or maybe it’s just a rainy, windy day. When the weather is cold, it’s nice to stay cozy inside. Get inspired by these typical indoor scenes from the Party Parrots. They retreat inside for a Connectcellent game. Or they could paint a masterpiece in the Art Studio. Color their cozy world with these fun coloring pages!

Playing Connectcellent

The fireplace warms up the Explorer’s Inn, no matter how cold. And it’s a great time to challenge a friend to Connectcellent. Which of these two parrots will win this match?

Browsing the Computer

The chilly weather is perfect for staying inside and learning something new. What are we going to learn today?

Keeping Warm with Jackets

It’s time to brave the sweater weather! Who will you bring along for a nice cold day outside?

Painting on a Canvas

The Art Studio is a very colorful place on our island. But this scene is missing color. What could this artist be painting? Help them out!

Share your finished coloring pages with a friend today. You may inspire them to color their own page! Stay warm inside and get creative with colors.


and play your favorite games!