Go on an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Activities

We are inspired by the explorers discovering Party Parrot World. Our island has volcanos, beaches, mountains, and forests. (Many explorers start their trip from the Explorer’s Inn!)

But your backyard and nature park have even more to discover! Bring a trusted adult and your friends on your nature scavenger hunt. Have fun with this classic outdoor activity! You’ll connect with the natural world around you.

If you want, you can record observations and drawings in a notebook.

You will need: Pen or pencil, our scavenger hunt checklist, family and friends

Optional: Notebook

Checkmark the following things that you find:

  • Bug
  • Bird
  • Any source of water (pond, river, ocean, etc.)
  • Rock
  • Tree
  • Leaves
  • Fruit
  • Flower
  • Branch
  • Seed

Good luck! Enjoy the beauty of our planet Earth on your hunt!


and play your favorite games!