Start a Band!

Indoor Activities

The Party Parrots love music. We’re dancing at the Breakfast Club. If not, we’re listening to jazz at the Cafe. Some parrots make their own music at the Recording Studio. You can create music too! Starting a band is fun!

You will need: Family and friends

You will need any of the following: Empty bottles, buckets, pots, pans, spatulas, large spoons


Ask your parents for permission to use things as musical instruments. They could be buckets, pans, and spatulas.

Use any combination of instruments to make music. For example, try hitting a spatula against a bucket like a drum. Try to create a smooth rhythm!

Have a whole band! Bring your family and friends to jam out to music together. All of you will have a great time creating songs!

Tired of spatulas and buckets? Try finding other objects to use as instruments. (Again, ask your parents for permission to use them.)

See how fun it is to start a band? You just need bandmates, instruments, and a love for music!


and play your favorite games!