Hideaway is a family-friendly platform that hosts different games and worlds, called Hideaways. Our first Hideaway is Party Parrot World, a virtual world inspired by the endangered Kākāpō parrot. After seeing scientists working hard to save these special parrots, we envisioned a community where we could protect and support children in a safer online space.

Our platform is much more than a game launcher. It supports spaces for socializing and community building. We empower players by giving them the agency to learn, grow, and play however they want to.
Why you should trust us

Virtual worlds are our passion. Some of our team members bring decade-length expertise from fostering other virtual worlds, including those by Disney. We also have younger team members who have grown up with virtual worlds, bringing firsthand experience from a player’s perspective.

Most of all, we are parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, siblings, and pet owners. We care about the well-being of our families, friends, and communities.

Our safety partners

From the beginning, we have partnered with experts in the industry. They are the trusted providers for games, social networks, and kids’ platforms.

Our chat and content moderation provider is Microsoft’s Two Hat. Their Community Sift tool — an AI-powered content moderation platform even more advanced than simple blocklists from older games — allows us to proactively moderate players, removing concerns before they develop into problems. If the situation calls for it, we can escalate concerns for our moderators to review.

Two Hat has a massive, diverse dataset that learns from partnered platforms and changes as new phrases and trends become popularized.

PRIVO is our federated authentication and verifiable parental consent provider. They have a Safety by Design mindset which we share. Their expertise in age authentication and parental consent is used in many trusted platforms. Your information is secure with PRIVO (Hideaway doesn't store it). PRIVO is helping us ensure that minors are protected and that consent is obtained from custodians.

By having moderators and smart tools in place, we strive to keep the wholesome conversations in and the bad stuff out.

How does our chat work?

We have a team of trained and experienced moderators who monitor the chats and worlds in real-time, respond to reports, and provide support.

We use a flexible chat filter that grows with the audience. Language changes constantly. One minute, your kid might be saying, “YAS check out my outfit!” The next minute, they could say, “My outfit is LIT.” Maybe “I just made a RAD outfit” will come back someday.

There are two chat options. Both are monitored, moderated, and filtered.

Safe Chat

Your child types their own messages. Any bad words or conversations will be filtered out and the player will be warned!

Ultimate Safe Chat

Your child selects prewritten phrases. These phrases allow conversation and friendship-building without negativity concerns.

How do you file a report ?

You can report a player by accessing their profile in the world. Select a reason for reporting them and confirm that you want to send the report. The report will be sent to the moderation team for review. The reported player will not know who reported them.

How our platform educates kids

Fun is our core value in everything we do. We believe that kids learn best when they are driven by their own interest. The worlds we build together, storylines, and creative roleplay encourage different ideas. They learn and grow outside the classroom.

Skills that seem overwhelming won’t be when they’re presented in a fun way. Our games and activities foster kids to be good citizens. They practice creativity, responsibility, and socializing. Hopefully, they won’t even notice they’re learning because they’re too busy having fun. “MOM! DAD! Wanna know what I did today? I managed the Cafe and joined a costume contest with my friends!”

Much of this learning resonates with what we enjoy and value in life. We love having fun!

So how exactly do your kids learn?

It's not like money grows on trees

By having a currency system, we can introduce players to money management and spending goals. They earn currency by being present in the world and playing minigames. Then, they save for their favorite items, like clothing.

It’s always fun to hang out with friends!

Hideaway encourages socializing with a diverse range of people. Players build up friendships, practice teamwork, and get involved in the community. Hanging out at the Cafe, racing in minecarts, and starting dance parties at the Breakfast Club are just a few of many, many possibilities for social time!

Kids love to get their hands on stuff!

They want to create new things and play with different imaginative concepts and ideas. So we provide the canvas for their ideas with customizable outfits (butterfly wings and bass guitar, anyone?), a range of rooms to be their stage (restaurants, volcanos, concert venues, you name it), and stories and lore (why do we need airships?) to jumpstart creative roleplay and storytelling.

Kids can play a range of mini-games

Prepare dishes, make fruit juice, and enjoy a casual card game with friends. The choice is yours! Kids learn motor skills, math, and strategy. (I know the games are tempting. You can play them too! They’re not only for the kids.)

The players are the true heroes of the story

Players are introduced to critical thinking, decision-making, and creative problem-solving. They’ll be so engaged with the task, they’ll WANT to think hard to solve it because it’s too much fun! (The hero cape is optional, but your kids can buy one from the Clothing Shop if they want to!)

Calling all good citizens!

They’re always needed. We encourage all of our players to be friendly, respectful, positive, and kind people both in the digital world and out in the physical world. Our tools, social events, and roleplaying activities infuse a strong sense of responsibility and agency in your child. What will your kid be? A ninja chef? A blacksmith? A wilderness explorer? All three?

How to be involved with your child

We understand that having your child enter a social platform can bring concerns. So, we encourage parents to log into our worlds and engage with their child on and off-platform. You might as well join the fun with your child! We didn’t say our platform was only for kids, after all. It’s for you too!

We all want to have fun playing, gaming, and chatting in a safe environment. Together, we can leave a positive impact on our communities, online and offline.

Log on and play with your child

We understand that having your child enter a social platform can bring concerns. So, we encourage you to play with your child. (We didn’t say our platform was only for kids. It’s for you too!) Your kids will love it when you play with them. Seeing what they value in the world and the stories they share really make everything worth it.

Encourage your child to bring up concerns

Foster an environment where they want to involve you. We encourage all players to report problems to us, but also to involve you as the parent to discuss any emotions, whether they are happy, sad, upset, or anything else. It’s important to have conversations with your child about the full range of emotions.

Discuss any warnings with your child

Often, if a child receives a warning about their behavior or chat, they may not fully understand what they have done wrong. We leave it up to you to teach your child. It’s an opportunity for you to encourage them to use more positive language.

Remind your kid not to share personal info

Talk with your child about not giving out any personal information. Let them know that being careful around strangers applies to digital platforms, like in the physical world. Set boundaries and expectations for interacting with others. Friends are cool! Random weirdos aren’t.

Empower your child to make purchase decisions

We have an economy system in the game that encourages kids to save money to buy things that they want. Let your child practice financial responsibility by gifting them Rubies. You can also reward your child with lots of cool benefits by getting a Party Pass, which supports our vision to have a safer platform for kids.

Our vision

We want to nurture our community on a safer online space. We imagine a bright present and future where we can chat, create, and play in a protected environment. Together, we can leave a positive impact on our communities, online and offline.

With our safety-first mindset, we want to share our worlds with your child. The environment we're building for fun and growth is something we ourselves enjoy playing with!

If you would like to help our team build new worlds and experiences, get a Party Pass. It lets your child have even more fun on Hideaway!

If you have additional questions or concerns, please read our FAQs or contact us on the Hideaway platform.


and play your favorite games!