Help us ensure that everyone in our community feels welcome. By being safe, we can focus on building new worlds and experiences together!

These standards for acting on Hideaway apply to all games, services, and environments. Just because something is not explicitly stated does not mean it is okay.

If you violate these rules, it can result in action against your account, including but not limited to: revoked in-game currency, restricted social features, temporary game suspension, and permanent account closure.  

Failing to understand or have knowledge of our rules does not excuse a person's actions. If you need more understanding of our rules, please seek guidance from a parent, guardian, teacher, or another trustworthy adult in your life. 

Our Community Rules are separated into three segments:

  • Safety Guidelines focus on ensuring our communities' safety, as no player should be subject to harm while on our platform.
  • Respect Guidelines explain how we can best treat our fellow players. We are a global community where everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. These rules ensure that everyone is welcome and safe within our community so that we can all have fun together!
  • Security Guidelines delve into the security of our platform, system, and our team’s safety and well-being. Just as we care about the well-being of our community, we also want to make sure that our staff and team members are healthy and safe, both physically and mentally.

If you think you have seen something violating our community rules, please report it to us so that we can make everyone feel happy and safe here!

We value you being here. We appreciate your help in making our worlds a creative place to have fun together.

Safety Guidelines

Safety is the core focus of our platform. We want everyone here to feel that they are safe and supported. To ensure this, we will not tolerate the following: 

  1. Child Endangerment

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward child endangerment. We may communicate with law enforcement regarding credible incidents of child endangerment. This includes:

  • Predatory behavior, including manipulation, exploitation, and grooming
  • Sexualizing children or persons under 18 
  • Engaging in sexual conversation, soliciting, or discussing sexual topics or themes with or about minors
  • Soliciting, sharing, or discussing child sexual exploitation imagery or other content

  1. Sexual Content

We do not allow sexual content of any kind. This includes content that discusses, encourages, suggests, or depicts:

  • Sexual acts
  • Nudity
  • Sexual harassment or violence 

  1. Threats, Violence, and Gore

We do not allow players to endorse, share, encourage or otherwise discuss violence, gore, or act in a threatening manner.  We do not allow the following:

  • Violence, abuse, and gore
  • Supporting, sharing, or glorifying war crimes, violence of any type, and human rights violations
  • We do not allow content that depicts, supports, promotes, or otherwise discusses any terrorist or extremist organization and their actions, including:

          Their actions, leaders, actors, or beliefs

           Any slogans, flags, images, or icons associated with them

           Any recruitment, education, or encouragement for players to seek out information

  • Threatening others with real-world harm to themselves or others
  • Discussing, inciting, or encouraging violence against people, animals, or property
  • We may communicate with law enforcement agencies regarding credible threats of:

            Physical assault or violence

           Sexual assault

            Property damage

  1. Extortion or Blackmail
  • We do not allow any extortion or blackmail, participating, endorsing, encouraging, or otherwise discussing it
  • Extortion is any attempt to threaten or manipulate someone to force them to do something.
  • This includes threats about sharing personal information, making false reports, taking over someone's account, and conducting real-life harm or violence.
  1. Dangerous, Illegal, and Regulated Activities

You cannot promote, discuss, depict, participate, glorify, or encourage illegal or regulated activities. No encouraging people to violate laws or doing so yourself. Including:

  • Hacking, fraud, piracy, doxing, swatting, or gambling
  • Illegal drugs, including marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or abuse of prescription medication
  • Alcohol and tobacco, including references to drinking or drunkenness, e-cigarettes, vapes, e-liquids, or other substances
  • Bombs, weapons, violence, abuse, or cruelty
  • Discussing, challenging, or encouraging real-world, physical, dangerous activities

  1. Suicide and Self Harm
  • We care about our community and take players’ well-being seriously. We are here to provide resources for struggling people. We may communicate with law enforcement regarding credible threats of self-harm.
  • We don't allow content or behavior that depicts, glorifies, encourages, or discusses self-harm behavior. This includes:

           Discussions of methods for self-harm or suicide

           Encouraging, depicting, daring, or otherwise inciting self-harm or suicide

  1. Political or Religious Content

While we value the importance of politics and religion in people's lives, Hideaway and its games are not the appropriate platforms for these discussions. To maintain a friendly and respectful environment, we prohibit discussions or depictions of:

  • Current and past political parties, candidates, or officials
  • Slogans, logos, campaign materials, quotes, rallies, events, or other related material
  • Inflammatory content related to the real-world border, territory, jurisdiction, or political relationships

  1. Real-World Tragic Events
  • We prohibit content that recreates tragic events to mock the victims or support, glorify, or promote the perpetrators. 
  • We do not allow the use of tragic events for personal gain, harassment, or in breach of the rules. These events include:

           Mass shootings, domestic and international terrorism

           Specific, real-world natural disaster events

           War and conflict, war crimes, or other acts of violence 

           Human or civil rights violations

  1. Harmful Off-platform Behavior or Events

We expect all of our players to follow these changes within any off-platform communities. If reported to us, we may warn or disable the accounts of users who:

  • Harass, bully, discriminate or otherwise breach our safety rules
  • Are physically, verbally, or sexually abusive; threaten, harass or otherwise extort or blackmail
  • Breach any Child Safety rules, including by conducting predatory behavior, soliciting, sharing, or otherwise discussing child sexual exploitation imagery
  • Share others' personal information
  • Participate or otherwise are involved in hacking, false reports, or other illegal actions

Respect Guidelines

  1. Hate Speech and Discrimination
  • We do not tolerate hate speech, slurs, discrimination, or other attacks, directly or indirectly, on other players. This includes but is not limited to the following:

           Age, familial status, language, or communication skills

           Diversity in race, color, ethnicity, national origin

           Physical or mental disability and abilities

           Religion, affiliation, or beliefs

           Gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation

           Hideaway account age, upgrade status, or other in-game achievements

  • Don't marginalize, demean, belittle, or use hateful language against or about other users and groups

  1. Bullying and Harassment 
  • We expect everyone to respect other people, and we value our communities' safety and fun. When there is bullying in the community, this impacts everyone.
  • Anything predatory, threatening, coercive, derogatory, or abusive, and any stalking, harassment, or invasion of privacy is against the rules.
  • Do not encourage, discuss, or support these behaviors either. If you see someone getting bullied, report it to our team so we can help the community have fun and enjoy the game together! 

  1. Appropriate Language and Profanity
  • Profanity in different languages is against the rules
  • Do not misspell words, use special characters, or spelling variations to evade the filter 
  • Symbols or euphemisms for profanity or other banned topics are against the rules
  • Don't act in a way that includes hateful symbols, shapes, or messages
  • We take discussions of harm to yourself or others seriously — don't make jokes about it, and report any concerns you see

  1. Scams, Giveaways, and Deceptive Practices
  • Do not take advantage of other players
  • Any contests held by community members should not give a physical or in-game reward
  • Do not use our platform or assets for raffles or giveaways
  • We do not tolerate buying or selling accounts or personal information
  • Do not abuse refunds of currency 
  • We do not permit any scams. Do not encourage, request, post, or otherwise share:

           Phishing, scamming links, or websites

           Access requests or login information to another user's account

           Selling or seeking to buy or trade accounts

           Sharing or seeking unauthorized content 

           Seeking personal or account information 

  1. Spamming 

Spam includes any content shared deceptively, repeatedly, and/or disruptively on the platform. This Includes:

           Clickbait advertisements

           Repetitive messaging

           Repeatedly directing users off-platform 

  1. Personal Information

We do not permit users to share, request, distribute, or otherwise use their or others' personal information. This includes:

  • Full or partial name
  • Email address
  • Passwords
  • Physical location or address
  • Telephone number
  • Unique Identifiers
  • Images of themselves or other private individuals
  • Social media or online identities or accounts

  1. Impersonation and Misrepresentation

We love our community's creativity. However, we don't allow users to mislead others and impersonate other people's real or virtual identities. This includes other players, Hideaway employees, contractors, affiliates, moderators, or public figures. This extends to:

  • Name or username
  • Position, company, political party, or other roles
  • Digital representation
  • Posting, commenting, or other messaging

Security Guidelines 

We require all of our users to follow their local laws. We do not allow: 

  1. Abuse of Hideaway Employees or Affiliates
  • We require all persons interacting with us to treat our employees, contractors, volunteers, and affiliates with kindness and respect. This extends to any of their families, loved ones, or other persons in their lives. 
  • This includes any form of communication, whether on-platform, via email, off-platform, social media, or in person. 
  • We do not allow:

           Threats to physical injury or damage

           Threats to source or share personal information

           Threats, harassment, blackmail, or other actions which breach our privacy and safety

           Threats, damage, or harm to the Hideaway platform itself

  1. Cheating and Exploits

We do not permit any use, encouragement, or discussion of cheating, including:

  • Using exploits in mini-games and other activities on the platform 
  • Creating, distributing, using, discussing, or profiting off any exploits or bugs
  • If you discover a bug or exploit, report it. Do not share, discuss, or use the bug. 
  1. Unauthorized Access

Any action used to gain unauthorized access to player accounts, Hideaway's accounts, systems, or other property, as well as encouraging or threatening such activity, is prohibited. This includes:

  • Any form of a cyberattack or malicious software attack to cause damage or gain access
  • Gaining access to our platform, accounts, and off-platform social media and workspace accounts
  • Using VPNs, fake identities, or other acts to gain access
  • Attempting to hack, modify, change, influence, or otherwise interact with our platform or accounts in an unauthorized manner
  • Misleading others to gain unauthorized access, i.e., sharing links and phishing
  1. System and Platform Misuse

We maintain our platform and systems to a high standard to ensure the well-being and safety of our community. Any attempts to bypass these systems or abuse our security requirements are prohibited. This includes:

  • Attempting to open or gain access to another account 
  • Directing users off-platform, including to inappropriate websites and services, and phishing
  • Using bots, mods, programs, or unauthorized plugins 
  • Falsely reporting other users or encouraging others to do so 
  • Attempting to bypass or avoid any restrictions on a child account by the parent account
  1. Intellectual Property Violation 
  • All marketing, social media, or other content regarding Hideaway must comply with the following expectations.
  • We don't allow community members to host or promote contests, giveaways, and raffles that offer on-platform rewards such as Rubies, Items, Party Passes, Upgrades, or Accounts.
  • The use of IP must still follow our community rules and not be used violently, illegally, or hatefully. 
  • The use of IP must not be used to mislead, scam, or otherwise deceive people 
  • You must include this note: “This is not endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Hideaway.”
  • Any merchandise that you create, distribute, or sell may not use our assets or logo
  • Anything sold or distributed must be assets and artwork that you have the right to use and follows that creator's terms of service and usage policy

  1. Our other documents are 

Last Updated: 10 October 2022


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