How do I contact you?

The best way is to fill out a contact form in Hideaway!

How do I download Party Parrot World?

Go to our download page, then follow the sign up and verification process. Once you're verified and logged in you can download and play Party Parrot World.

You can play on Windows and Android now. Soon we will expand to iOS and macOS.

How will I verify my age?

When you sign up for a Hideaway account you will get an email with instructions on how to verify your age. Please ask your parent to check their email and verify your account!

Age Verification is done through our partner PRIVO. They're a federated authentication and verifiable parental consent provider. There are a few different ways to verify your age, and children under 18 will have to get their parents or guardians to verify and give their consent. 

Age verification will take between 2 minutes and 3 business days depending on the verification type. We do not control the age verification since it is run by our partners at PRIVO. Once complete, your account will be unlocked, and you can play!

If you are having trouble or have questions ask your parent to contact PRIVO directly.

How do I change my age?

We cannot change your age. If there has been a mistake with the verification process, ask your parent to contact PRIVO.

Which languages do you support?

We only support English, but as the player base grows we may look at adding more languages.

I want to work for PPW!

That's great! Currently, we do not have any openings but may expand our team in the future so join our community and stick around.

How did the Kākāpō parrot inspire Party Parrot World?

It all started back in 2009 with the Party Parrot meme, which originated from a nature video. Mark Carwardine was filming a BBC documentary and had a funny experience with a Kākāpō named Sirocco. This video was shared worldwide and became GIFs, emotes, and memes.

Our team loves nature! We want to support these animals and remind everyone about the wonders and importance of nature.

The Kākāpō represents what we want to do for our community. Just like how the Kākāpō has grown up in the safety of protected islands, we want Hideaway to be the protective islands for the coming generations of players, our good eggs. Learn more about our inspiration here!


Safety features

Keeping our community safe is our top priority! We’ve designed our platform with safety in mind, implementing the following features:

  • Two moderated and filtered chat options: Safe Chat for typing custom messages and Ultimate Safe Chat with a large selection of prewritten phrases and words. We use our partner, Microsoft’s Two Hat, for chat filtering.
  • Moderators who respond to reports, monitor chat logs and the community’s well-being. 
  • The ability to block and report players who conduct negative behavior through our platform.
  • We're working on parental tools to view your child's game activity, set goals, and limit playtime. If you have any ideas for parental features please reach out as we'd love to hear your thoughts

What can I do to keep my child's account secure?

We encourage you to share the following guidelines with your child as well. Keeping your accounts safe is an important skill to learn from childhood.

Choose a password that is hard to crack. It should be unique to your account, so don’t reuse passwords from different accounts. Don't include personal information in your password, such as names, birthdays, and pets’ names. Do not share your password or login email with anyone!

Also, remind your child not to share it with anyone, not even a trustworthy friend. Hideaway staff will never ask for your password.

Don't trust anyone offering freebies, downloads, gifts, or in-game items or currency. Oftentimes, scams will ask for your login details. Downloads can also include malware or keylogging software.

What can I do to keep my child safe?

Remind your child not to share any personal identifiable information. This includes names, locations, social media names, phone numbers, addresses, and anything which can link to their real-world life. Choose an account username that does not include any real-life names or locations. This includes numbers from their birth year.

Discuss the world with your child, encourage them to be open, and talk about their experiences with them.

How can I change my parent account’s password?

Log into your account, select the account settings, and select the change password button.Please make sure to choose a safe and secure new password! Create a new one that you do not use for any other accounts. It should not include real-life names, dates, birth years, middle names, or pets names, as these can lead to weak passwords.

How do the chat settings on my child’s account work?

There are two chat options, both of which are monitored, moderated, and filtered:In Safe Chat, your child types their own messages. Any bad words or conversations will be filtered out and the player will be warned.

In Ultimate Safe Chat, your child has a large selection of prewritten phrases and words to choose from. These phrases still allow for conversation and friendship building without the concerns of negativity. We recommend this for younger children.

How does age verification work?

We use PRIVO, our federated authentication and verifiable parental consent provider. They have a Safety by Design mindset which we share. Their expertise in age authentication and parental consent is used in many trusted platforms. PRIVO is helping us to ensure that minors are protected and that consent is obtained from custodians. To learn more about PRIVO have a read of our parents page here.

How can I report someone who violated the rules?

Please contact us if your child has mentioned any negativity or bad behavior, or if you think that there may be a problem. We take safety and wellbeing very sincerely and will take each report seriously.

How do I purchase a subscription or rubies for my child?

Child accounts cannot make purchases, so you can log onto your parent account and assign the purchase to a linked child account. If there are any problems with billing or purchases please contact us through the contact form on Hideaway!


How do I buy a Party Pass or Rubies?

An adult like a parent can log into their account and purchase Rubies for you! Rubies are purchased with real-world money.

I can't buy anything?

You'll have to ask your parent to make the purchase, only adults can make purchases. They can log into their parent account to make a purchase and assign it to your account!

Where are my Rubies?

Just like your coins, your Rubies are stored in your player account, where you can view your total amount.

How do I get free Rubies?

You cannot get free Rubies. Please remember that anyone offering free Rubies, giveaways, or other gifts are trying to scam you. The only authorized way to get Rubies is through in-app purchases. If you suspect someone is a scammer please contact us through the Hideaway contact form!

My purchase isn't showing up!

Sometimes the servers take some time to process transactions. Please wait and see if they come through. If they still don't, ask your parent to check that the funds were taken out of their account and restart the launcher. If this doesn't work, then please contact us via the support tab in the Hideaway platform.

Why do you have paid features, like Party Passes and Rubies?

By buying a Party Pass and Rubies, you are supporting our vision of having a safer social platform for all ages, including children. We are a small team who believes we should create new worlds and experiences together with you. Your support will help us develop our platform and act on the community’s feedback. The Party Passes and Rubies come with exclusive gifts and perks. They are our way of thanking you for your support.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please use the contact form on Hideaway to contact us and we'll cancel it! We'd love to hear any feedback too!

What if my payment method was declined or pending?

If the payment was declined, ask your parent to check that their payment details are correct and that their account has enough funds. Please keep in mind currency exchange rates.

For pending purchases  or other billing problems please contact us via the support tool in the Hideaway launcher.

How does currency conversion work?

Currently, we use USD as the currency for purchases. Your online payment method will convert currencies automatically. Your banking institution or card company may charge a conversion fee.

Can I gift a purchase?

Currently, we do not have a way to gift any purchase, including Party Passes and Rubies. We may consider it in the future. But for now, if anyone offers to gift you a Party Pass or Rubies, this may be a scam. Please do not give out your account login details.

Someone is selling/giving away Rubies online!

Any trades, sales, gifts, or exchanges for Hideaway accounts, items, Rubies or other assets are a scam. Please use the contact form on Hideaway to report anyone suspicious! If you participate in unauthorized transactions, we may not be able to help you.

What happens to my account when my Party Pass plan ends?

When your plan ends, you will no longer get the passive coin multiplier or the monthly free Rubies. The exclusive Party Pass items will be kept in your account but they’ll get locked, so you won't be able to wear them again until you have another Party Pass!

Can I transfer a Party Pass plan?

No, Party Pass plans and items such as Rubies and in-game items are non-transferable. Please make sure that you are logged into the correct account when buying a Party Pass plan.

Refunds and unauthorized charges

Players should always get permission from the payment account owner before making any purchases. When possible, we will provide a refund and reverse unauthorized purchases made. If you notice charges to your payment account that you did not authorize, please contact us by using the contact form on the Hideaway platform.


I've found a bug!

Yikes! Please use the contact form in Hideaway and let us know what has happened. Once we know about the bug we'll send it over to our bug squashing team!

Hideaway isn't loading.

Try closing the launcher and reopening it. If this doesn’t work, check if your device needs an update, and that your data or wifi is working.

When can we play on other platforms?

Currently, Hideaway is available on Windows and Android. We plan to expand to macOS, and iOS this year (2023). As we grow, we might expand to more platforms.

How can I install the game?

Visit our Downloads page to install the game on your computer or mobile device.

General Connection Problems.

If Hideaway  isn’t connecting to the internet, you may be experiencing the following:

  • Hideaway has trouble accessing online features.
  • The loading screens are stuck and cannot finish loading the next feature.

Here are some possible solutions to fix the connection problems:

  • Check your internet connection. If wireless connection isn’t working, try a wired connection if you are able to do so.
  • Change your firewall and router settings, which may unintentionally be blocking Hideaway’s internet access.
  • Reinstall Hideaway on your device.

Somebody got into my account.

Please let your parent know and ask them for help! 

If you still have access to your account, please change your password. We suggest changing the password of your email and other accounts too. You can change the password in the login screen by selecting 'forgot your password'.

If you are having problems, please contact us, and we will work with you to verify ownership.

I want to delete my account.

If you want to delete your account, please contact us from within Hideaway. We will work with you to verify your identity before deleting your account. We value everyone in our community and want to bring a positive experience to everyone.

You’re always welcome to come back in the future!

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

OS: Windows 7+
CPU: Intel Core i3
Free Space: 500MB

OS: Android 10.0+
Free Space: 50MB
Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 or equivalent


How do I change my password?

Open your account settings in the Hideaway launcher to change your password. Please ask your parents to help you set a safe new password!

Please make sure to choose a safe and secure new password! 

Make a new one that doesn't include names, dates, birth years, middle names, or pets' names. Having a strong password is important because someone might log into your account and spend your coins!

Remember to keep your password somewhere safe and don’t tell anyone except a parent!

I forgot my password.

If you are still logged in, you can change your password via your account settings. If you are not logged in, there is a button on the login page to reset your password via email.

How do I change my display name?

You can change your display name in the Hideaway launcher.

What are the rules for display names?

Your name must follow all of our rules and community guidelines. It cannot contain swearing, rude words, or personal information such as names, phone numbers, or addresses. It also cannot be used to impersonate anyone.

What should I do if another player is harassing me?

If someone is harassing you in-game, please use the contact form in Hideaway to let us know what is happening! Also speak to your parents or a friendly adult about what is happening!

How do I report someone?

Keep Hideaway a welcoming environment by reporting any rulebreakers. Use the contact form in Hideaway to tell us what happened. Try to include as much information as you can including their username, what happened and the time that it happened! It's also very important to talk to your parents or another adult about whats happened.

How can I block or unblock someone?

You can open someone's profile and block them. In your settings, there is an option to unblock anyone on your block list.

What is a party?

A party is a limited-time event with exclusive items and activities. Make sure you check often so you don’t miss out on any parties!

How do I view my profile?

On the bottom player bar, select “Me,” then “Settings” to view your profile information, including your name, player account page, and total coins.

How do I open another person's profile?

Long-press onto a player's parrot avatar.

How do I play mini-games?

Walk up to a character and talk to them. They’ll ask you to join a job, mission, or activity, which you can accept!

How do I wear clothes?

On the bottom player bar, select “Me,” then “Items” to select the clothes you want to wear. If you need more clothes, talk to Jessie in the Clothing Shop to buy more clothes. The clothes in the shop will change weekly so remember to check often!

How do I get backgrounds?

Talk to Backpacker Blaze in the Art Studio. He would love to show you his background collection for sale!

How can I earn coins?

You can play different minigames to earn coins! These will be added to your account after you have finished playing the game.

How can I earn Rubies?

An adult like a parent can log into their account and purchase Rubies for you! Rubies are purchased with real-world money.

Rubies cannot be gifted or traded. If you see someone online offering you free Rubies, it is likely a scam. Please contact us using the contact form in Hideaway and report it, and be careful not to give out your login details or any personal information.

How do I add or remove a friend?

To add a friend, open their profile by long pressing on their parrot and selecting “Add Friend". After they accept your friend request, they will be added to your Friends List.

To remove a friend, on the bottom player bar, select “Friends.” Make sure you are on the Friends tab. Select the friend you wish to remove, then select the button to remove them.

How do I chat?

While you are in any room, locate your bottom player bar. Select “Chat,” type your message, and hit the send button.

When will we get game updates?

Each month, we release a party with exclusive activities and items. We release bug fixes whenever we can.

When is X feature coming?

Because we are a young, imperfect indie game, we are always making improvements. For major features, it may take a long time before we can release them.

Where are homes, pets, a bigger minigame?

We're focusing on the basics for now, building a game is a pretty big project so we have to focus on the basic features first. We plan to add pets, homes, bigger minigames, lore and story!

Why aren't some features working?

Some features have not been completed yet. For example, some buttons and non-player characters (NPCs) don't load anything yet. Also, you may come across lots of bugs, but rest assured, we are fixing them! Thank you for helping us report any issues.

Can I play Party Parrot World offline?

Party Parrot World is not playable offline.

I've been banned, how do I get unbanned?

If you want to appeal your ban ask your parent to email us hello@newhideaway.com . Please include your account username and why you should be unbanned.

Appealing the ban does not mean that you will get unbanned, and you can only appeal the ban once. Our team will review what happened and will choose to continue your ban, or to end it. 

Please note that you cannot ask for an unban for another person. We know some people will want to help out their friends. But, to protect the person’s privacy, we can only discuss reports and moderation actions with the account owner or their parent/guardian.


Children's Privacy Policy

A privacy policy tells you what information we collect from you and about you and if that information is shared. You can read it here!

Community Guidelines

Our guidelines can be found in our Community Rules.

Using Hideaway and DDE's assets, names,  and logos.

When using our name and logo, follow our Terms of Use. Do not change or edit our logo in any way. Any merchandise you create, distribute, or sell may not use our assets or logo.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Use

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